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♪ megan
04 February 2010 @ 12:39 am

♪ megan
I meant to make a comm for my fics.
But have yet to think of a pretty name. T_____T
I also wanted to post this up right away, so yeah! ♥~

{Past, Present or Future? (Or Idiosyncrasy?)}
JaeSu, G
Fluff, yeah. That's about it. XDDD
For: fairytokyo, it was her birthday on the 14th & I obviously fail hardcore.

Not half-assed attempts at remembering or half-half-assed attempts at predicting.Collapse )
feel: blankblank
hear: A Wish ♥ Gregory & The Hawk
♪ megan

{one, two, three, four...how many more?}

HoMin, PG-13
Angst & maybe fluff? Implied sex.
I honestly have no idea where this came from...it just kinda happened. T___T

You weren’t built for a life that didn‘t contain him.Collapse )
My first angst, be gentle. T___T
I hope it moves something in you & if there are any mistakes or confusing bits, let me know~
Please leave me something pretty to blush over~? ;~;
feel: anxiousanxious
hear: Bolero ♥ DBSK